Investment Company OPIXT – a mutually
beneficial cooperation

For a newcomer independent securities trust management carries a high risk, because transactions with them require deep knowledge of the internal mechanisms of the stock market and wide experience in conducting transactions. In order to save your time and to avoid losses, investors are increasingly turning to professional trust management of securities.

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Working conditions

Investment Company OPIXT intends to work with every client, taking into account all his requests, wishes and needs. There is no difference for us whether you want to invest ten of a million dollars, for a month or a
year – we are ready to assist you.

Account opening

Is Free

Minimum capital

$ 10

Maximum capital

$ 500 000

Investment horizon

30 Days

Potential income

105% Period

Affiliate program

You can earn with OPIXT without even having your own deposit. Our system of incentives is a one level. This means that if your direct referral makes a deposit, you will receive 1% of its amount. If s/he makes a deposit again (not from the account balance), then you will receive 1% again.

The advantages of trust management are:

Economy of time.

Regular income.

Professional portfolio management of bonds and other securities.

Efficient use of capital, which significantly increases profits.